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Awesome Updater is a way for you to get randomly updated about how awesome you are.

Awesome Updater

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Welcome to Awesome Updater!

Awesome Updater is a way for you to get updated randomly how awesome YOU are. You associate your twitter account with awesomeupdater.com, set the frequency of updates and then wait!

Randomly sometime in the future you will get a public @reply via twitter saying "omg. you are wonderful" (or another one of the hundreds of compliments we offer). It is a nice surprise and a great way to start a day. See the buzz and awesome activity on twitter

About Us

I am Harper Reed. I make sure that Threadless stays running. I also play computers and read all sorts of stuff. Feel free to send me an email or hit me up on the message machine. Check out my blog, follow me on twitter, or check out my homepage.

Aaron Salmon here. I'm an independent contractor and jovial lad who geeks on design, inspiration and the Internets of Tomorrow™. More about me can be found on my site. Follow along and say hi via Twitter, IM or email anytime.